Originally named Ligao Municipal High School the school was opened in 1980 through the efforts of the Municipal Officials headed by the late Mayor
Francisco V. Gonzales. However on the same year, the name of the school was changed to Ligao Municipal Technical Vocational School (LMTVS)
because there were already two existing high schools offering the same curriculum in the municipality.

LMTVS was initially housed in a temporary building adjacent to the town hall. In 1981, through the efforts of the Sanggunian Bayan, additional
buildings were bought from the defunct Ligao Institute to accommodate the increasing number of students enrolling in the school. At present, the
school still stands on the same site with a bigger lot span through the acquisition of the other adjacent lots in the vicinity.

The school started with 659 First year and Second year students only, 14 teachers, 1 clerk, 1 janitor, and a Head Teacher in the person of Mr. Moises
Badrina Jr. During its initial years of operation, the teaching and non-teaching personnel received their honorarium from the Local Government of

In its operation as Ligao Municipal Technical Vocational School, it had for its school head Mr. Gonzalo B. Bruces whose groundwork is in line with the
curricular offering.

The advent of the implementation of the National Secondary Education Curriculum (NSEC) concurred with the designation of Mr. Wilfredo E. Pura as
the school principal. It was then that the school was named LIGAO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL (LNHS) by the virtue of Republic Act 7794 an Act
Renaming the Ligao Municipal Technical Vocational High School to Ligao National High School in the Municipality of Ligao, Province of Albay. During
Mr. Pura’s term two extension schools, Binodegahan and Malapay High Schools in Pioduran, Albay, were opened. Responding to the thrust of
education, the school braved the challenge of the regional office to offer a science oriented curriculum. Thus, the
Bicol Regional Science High School
(BRSHS) was established in LNHS. It was managed by the same principal with the selected LNHS teachers to implement the special curriculum. The
operation of BRSHS continued during the term of Dr. Leticia B. Gonzales. It was during this period that Mr. Osias Monforte was designated by the
Division of Albay as the school head of BRSHS although they were still housed at LNHS. Furthermore, Dr. Gonzales worked out the acquirement of
nine (9) Master Teacher items for the school.

In 1999, Mrs. Carmelita A. Sinson became the school head of LNHS. Just a year after, she facilitated the transfer of BRSHS, despite resistance from
teachers, parents and students. Since BRSHS had been under the wings of LNHS for seven years then, she believed it was high time for the school to
operate on its own considering that it has its own lot and building. Even on its transfer to the new site, LNHS teachers still continued to teach its
students for two years. Only upon the appointment of Mr. Eduardo Nañoz as its principal did it have its own set of teaching and non-teaching staff.

The school under the educational leadership of Mrs. Sinson, underwent rapid improvement in almost all aspects. Teachers who have been deployed
at the extension schools in Pioduran (Malapay and Binodegahan) were recalled in 2003 due to her persistence. In 2006, the Engineering and Science
Education Program (ESEP) was offered as a school initiative in addition to the Basic Education Curriculum. Two other curricula, the Special Program
in the Arts (SPA), and Redesigned Technical-Vocational Education (Tech-Voc) were also implemented n 2007 to cater to the multiple intelligence of
the students.

Over the years, with the conglomeration of efforts of the school administration, the Local Government Unit under the leadership of then Mayor
Fernando V. Gonzalez, his successor Mayor Linda P. Gonzalez, General Parent-Teacher Community Association (GPTCA), and other internal and
external stakeholders, LNHS has acquired equipment, facilities, building and other structures to meet the demands of the times.

LNHS continues to strive for accountability, excellence, and equal opportunities for life-long learning. It continues to create opportunities for the
students and teachers to excel. It continues to be sensitive to the needs of the community and the changing times. It strives to be in the forefront of
empowering the learners to ensure his character development, to achieve academic excellence and to be of service of others.
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